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Satisfied Clients Review Some of Our Popular Procedures at La Maison Derm Esthetics.


I just wanted you to know how much the Obagi® skin system has improved my skin. My family was shocked to see the improvement in my skin, and my freckles are almost invisible. My sister was so impressed, she also started the Obagi® system immediately after seeing my results. Thank you for introducing my family and me to Obagi®. We have tried everything and now there is something that really works. I highly recommend Obagi® to anyone who wants to improve their skin!

J.W. – Atlanta



What our patients say:

I started coming to LaMaison DermEsthetics for permanent laser hair removal. I have had four treatments and have gotten amazing results. My hair problem on my upper lip started in my twenties. The bleach didn't do it; the hair removal cream didn't do it either. As I got older, hair on my chin started. I went on to tweezing. This seemed to be the only thing I could do. Of course, it got worse the older I got. My worst fear was that I would be in the hospital and unable to tweeze for one reason or another. I even went so far as asking my family and best friends, that if I was in that situation, to please make sure they wouldn't let my hairs grow to where anyone could see them. It is an embarrassing thing that some women have more so than others. I wanted to tell you that I look forward to coming to my appointments. Every time is just a wonderful feeling knowing that I'm going to be rid of this daily burden, FOREVER! I heard about laser a couple of years ago, and always wanted to do it, but I thought that I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Only after a free consultation did I realize that it was very reasonable, and I thought, 'I should do it for myself.' It's great, and I love the care I get at the treatments!

Soon to be hair-free Carol – GA

You have treated my lip several times for the unwanted hair.  The hair is gone and now the fine lines have disappeared too. I want you to treat my whole face!

R.M.P. – Georgia

Comment on R.M.P.’s observation:
We have noticed an improvement in the overall look of the skin after several treatments. Possibly because patients are no longer tweezing and touching the area, looking for hairs.  Another reason the skin improves is because lasers are used to improve and rejuvenate the skin. We do have lasers that are specifically designed to rejuvenate the skin, so these
are the intelligent option.

I had a series at another office and see no difference in the hair. Even my wife said she couldn’t see any improvement.  Yet I have only had three treatments at your office and see a dramatic difference. Thank you!

D. L. – Georgia

We can thank Dr. David for the top of the line equipment he purchases for us to use. Much research goes into finding the equipment that gives the best results in the quickest time
for our patients.

I've only had three treatments on the hair on my ears and I see a marked improvement.  Thanks for helping me!

M.C. – Georgia

Some people have quick results, but others have to have many treatments to achieve the desired result. Hormones, drugs, even diseases, can all contribute to unusual hair growth. When we treat an area we don't just target the hairs we see, but we treat the whole area because we know that some there are many hairs just beneath the skin at the anagen phase (early stage of growth). Hair treated with the laser at the anagen phase is gone forever!

As a former “sun worshipper” I had a lot of sun damage on my face, chest and back.  Thanks to the wonderful treatments at La Maison Derm Esthetics, my skin looks years younger.  I appreciate the way you explain the latest skin care product lines and other treatments to help reverse the effects of aging.  I’d recommend La Maison to anyone!

D.H. – Griffin, GA

I have always been plagued with lots of hair growth in my underarm and bikini area.  Just hours after shaving I would have stubble. Being a sun lover, I was always worried that I had missed a spot when in my bathing suit.  After several hair removal treatments, I am hair-free and beach-ready all year round.  I would recommend laser hair removal for anyone and I am 100% satisfied!

M.H. – GA



I have just started laser treatment for broken capillaries on my face and chest area.  I have already seen improvement in just two treatments.  I am very thankful to LaMaison Derm Esthetics for helping me to feel better about my appearance.

S.C. – Georgia.



Back acne has been in my life since I was 15 years old.  Countless dermatology visits and many antibiotics later I still had embarrassing back, chest, and arm acne at 41 years old.  Swimsuits, tank tops, and sundresses were not in my wardrobe.LaMaison DermEsthetics recommended the acne light combined with a Signature Peel.  After one treatment I had tremendous improvement.  After 3 treatments my skin was amazing.  I can wear tank tops and swimsuits without embarrassing acne.

 M.R. – Atlanta


After having the Pixel and the Photofacial procedures performed at La Maison, my skin looks brighter, feels better and the spots are diminishing more and more every day. I am very happy with the results! I am very surprised at how many people can actually tell a difference in my face.

A.McD. – GA