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Skin Tightening

imgFirm skin is the mark of youth, the desire of every woman, and the envy of those over 40.

Collagen and elastin form the scaffolding for the skin. Sun damage, imbalanced hormones, genetics, and natural aging contribute to the deterioration of the scaffolding, resulting in sagging skin.

At LaMaison Derm Esthetics we encourage those who see signs of sagging to begin a vitamin C regimen, and to start treatments to rebuild their collagen. Vitamin C is the building block the skin needs to produce new, stronger collagen. Taking it orally and applying it topically gives the best results. Obagi’s Elastiderm Cream or Gel applied twice daily after cleansing helps to build stronger elastin. Purigenex facial masks and serum offer cutting-edge collagen rebuilding.

Skin tightening procedures include Thermage and Accent. Both can be performed on the face and the body. Call for a consult to see what is best for your skin!