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Part of the Harmony laser platform by Alma lasers, the pixel, is a 2940mm ER:YAG module that is FDA approved for fractional ablative skin resurfacing.  It is a new option to perform skin resurfacing on aged and photo-damaged skin, safe, effective with no patient down time.

This state-of-the-art treatment tightens the skin, works to improve skin quality while transitioning new collagen cell rejuvenation.

We have used the treatment for acne scars and fine lines with good results. 

It can be used on the face, neck, chest and arms -- a much wider scope than traditional fractional ablative technologies.

How it works:
A preprogrammed erbium laser beam passes through the lens and penetrates the skin, creating an ablative and thermal effect on the treated area.  This is a micro-injury to the skin which starts the process of healing as new collagen is laid down. Skin tightens and skin texture improves over time with full results of collagen rebuilding seen six months following your treatment.

There is little to no down time following the treatment, though some redness for a few days may be apparent.  Patients will notice mild flaking as the skin resurfacing procedure takes place.  Full recovery is typically a week.

Typically, three treatments are needed spaced three weeks apart for best results.  Patients with more moisture in their skin experience better results in fewer treatments, while drier skin may require more treatments.