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Mesoderm® is a revolutionary alternative to hypodermic needle injections, indicated for the administration of soluble salts, and other drugs into the body for medical purposes.  It is used for no-needle an painless body slimming, rejuvenation, antiaging, cellulite, wrinkles, stretchmarks, and other mesotherapy treatments.

Dr. Aleksy Dobradin and Dr. Renato Torre from Microlab Biomedical in Italy developed the Mesoderm® technology in an effort to make mesotherapy more tolerable.  They are proud of the fact that they have made the process painless, comfortable with no downtime or other complications for the patient. Mesoporation® is the principle that uses electricity to allow the drug’s penetration into the skin. 

Mesoderm has been successfully used by our patients to treat unwanted fat, cellulite, and to rejuvenate the skin.