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Body Sculpting

imgAs we turn the pages of fashion magazines we see lithe bodies scantily clad, only feeling that we have little to no hope of ever achieving that appearance. Reminding ourselves that most of the photographs have been enhanced before they are put on those glossy pages doesn’t console us.  Neither does trying on bathing suits in fitting rooms with unflattering lighting. But help is at hand.

At LaMaison Derm Esthetics we offer a variety of non-surgical options designed to sculpt and enhance your body. Previously impossible to remove, stretch marks are minimized with 3 to 5 treatments using the Fractional or Pixel and at home treatment with Retin-A topical cream. The Accent and Thermage treatments offer volume reduction and skin tightening with best results seen six months following your treatment. And for spot reduction we offer Lipo-Dissolve. Explore your options with us!